Quad Guard Safety Vest

In effort to reduce the number of childhood fatalities caused by All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), I researched American ATV culture. I found some surprising issues that, unfortunately, lead to ATV accidents, that cause severe injury & even death among young children. From the research I have done, I feel that it is best to design a new personal protective device for the torso, that helps protect children from a number of different types of ATV-specific injuries, including those sustained through crushing from the weight of an overturned machine.

Marissa Jacobs

I did most of my growing up in Union, Missouri. I have my Associate Degree in Fine Art, and a tuxedo cat named Edgar. I am studying Industrial & Interaction Design in hopes that I will someday be part of a Human Centered Design (HCD/UX) Research and Strategy team. My favorite aspects of design are ergonomics, usability, and really anything that has to do with the ease of human interaction. Some of my favorite things are movies, outlandish conspiracy theories, and pepperoni pizza.