A clothing storage solution

Clothing is a nonnegotiable part of daily life, being situated on the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid along food and water.  When framing clothing through the fashion lens, many advancements have been made.  Styles change every season, materials advance to be warmer and lighter consumers buy, buy buy.  Then I started thinking about clothing storage and no notable changes have been made in recent history.  Closest and dressers work fine, but another system can be created to complete the system.  Right now there is nothing on the market that addresses the problem of clothes that are half clean/ half dirty, items like jeans that you can wear a few times between washes. Many people store the half clean/ half dirty items on a chair, or in a disorganized pile, my goal is to create something to easy to use that the user will not be tempted to throw their jeans on the floor at the end of the day.  

Lisa Parrino

As a self diagnosed shopaholic I would love to apply my knowledge of UX design to the retail sector stores.  I thrive working in teams, connecting with people and finding humor in design.