Great Projects Do Not Need Names

How do you arrange your closet? How do you organize your clothes? Perhaps everyone has difficulties to organize clothes. As I am an international student, I always visit my country during summer or winter breaks and come back to the USA after breaks finish. Before I leave, or after I arrive back in the US, I always pack and unpack my clothes. At that time, I always figure out there are so many clothes I do not wear, or do not recall that I have had those clothes in my closet. Sometimes, it becomes a waste of clothes because they go out of fashion, or do not fit me. It is hard to manage and organize clothes, and everyone also has the same problems with organizing their clothes. In order to help cluttered closets to be more organized and easier to use, I focus on designing a clothes organizer that is connected with an app to help people to manage or find their clothes in easier ways.

Hye Rin Lee

I am a product designer and am interested in analyzing problems, thinking how to solve them, building products, and rendering. I’m looking for an opportunity to develop my skills in understanding what users needs are, and to design products to give convenience in daily life.