The major travel trends today for millennials revolves around personalization and connectivity through technology.  However, there is a lack of customized products representing these travels. Is it possible to create mass-produced objects that symbolize these personal journeys?

What if this same technology were used to capture, compile, and generate a customized product?  One that gives the user the freedom of experiencing the moment while traveling, and later the opportunity to reflect on those memories. 

The impetus behind the design was to create a personalized artifact allowing the user to recall past travel experiences and encouraging future explorations. This kind of personalization carries huge emotional significance that will enrich our lives as does our experiences through travel.

Aharon Williamson

My ambition as a designer is to address what is before me without bias. Looking for solutions through research, ideation, and user interaction. Creating carefully considered and deeply emotional products.  Focusing not only in finding solutions but understanding the processes, materials, and limitations that go into every creation.